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The AJRA awards numerous scholarships to its members each year.  Many of the scholarships are funds that are provided by special funds in memory of a former AJRA member, adult director or a person that has had a special connection to the AJRA organization through the years.  
The criteria to be able to apply and to receive a scholarship is as follows:  
  • Must be a paid member in good standing with the AJRA and qualified to compete in the finals
  • Member must be a graduating senior of the current school year (2020) or a first year college freshman (provided you meet the age requirement of membership)
  • Must complete and turn in a written application form provided by the organization by the deadline
  • Must participate in a personal interview with the scholarship committee on the designated date and time during the finals
  • Must be present to receive the scholarship award during the designated performance



 Memorial Scholarships:
  David Bean  Homer Raglen 
  John Rae Powell  Vernon West 
  Larry Mobbs   

Alumni Scholarship Fund

Any former AJRA member that wishes to contribute any amount to the AJRA in memory of a loved one, or perhaps wants to contribute to the association with a small monetary gift, this fund has been created for that purpose.
   Some of our recent contributions:  

In Memory of Ernest Fruge, Sr.

In Memory of Sandra Lee Alexander
  Mr. & Mrs. Bill Doyle Mr. & Mrs. Mike Murphy
  In Memory of Larry Mobbs  
  Teresa Mobbs Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Lovells
  Mr. & Mrs. Nicky Bean Cathy McDonald

Mr. John Mark Weaver

Dorothy J. Glover
  Mr. William Proctor 

Mr. & Mrs. Rickey Grahm

  James Luttrell  Doris A. Wisenand 
  Mr. James D. Luttrell  Charle & Wayne Scott 
  Tom & Johnnie Luttrell
Mr. & Mrs. Rusty Ridge 
  Mr. & Mrs. Randy W. McGuire Mr. & Mrs. W H Glenn
  Mr. & Mrs. Keith Spraggins Mr. Steven Hughes
  Mr. Steven Huges Mr. & Mrs. Horace Peek
  Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Neatherlin Veronica L. Whitely
  Mr. & Mrs. Gene Baker  
  In Memory of Joel Harris In Memory of Becky Miller Jackson

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Mike Murphy
  Mr. John Ward Mr. John Ward
    In Memory of Dewey Fae Miller
    Mr. & Mrs. Mike Murphy
    Mr. John Ward
  Alumni Scholarship Fund In Memory of Bailey Anthony
  The David McMullan Family Scott & Amanda McMillian & Family
  Shelly McGuire The David McMullan Family
  Bob Doty  Tessie & Blake Doyle
  Debbie Williams (Cadillac Dreams) In Memory of Larry Waltisberger
    The David McMullan Family
   In Memory of Alvis Wayne Williams  
   David & Mary McMullan In Memory of Johnny W. Hampton
    Mike & Leslie Murphy 
  In Memory of Thelma Stepp Eddie & Ira Lea Puckett  
  The David McMullan Family  
  Mike & Leslie Murphy In Memory of Johnna Puckett Reynolds
    Mike & Leslie Murphy
  In Memory of Johnnie K. McMullan  
  William H. Lindsey In Memory of Arlene Kirssin
   Kendall & Lisa Gibbs Matt, Buzzy and Tate Muzzey
   Wendell Fallin  
   Randy & Brittany Lloyd In Memory of Mary Ann Culberson
   Luke Shipp Tessie & Blake Doyle 
   Terry Farley  
   Mr. & Mrs. Troy White In Memory of Bobby Jack Bynum
   Mr. & Mrs. Ashby McMullan  David & Mary McMullan
   Lone Star Ag Credit  Peggie McMullan
   Joel & Peggy Harris In Memory of Sandy Brooks
   Tessie & Blake Doyle  Peggie McMullan
   Mr. & Mrs. Bill Doyle  David & Mary McMullan
   Johnny & Cindy Middleton

Donations given in memory of:

   Marie Richardson  Stevie Smith
   Gary Fife  Mrs. Sydney Kent
   Jimmie & Ann McMullan  William Waterbury
   Wana Dee Box  Harvey Johnston
     Ed Fuller Wright

 Patsy Bynum

     Randy Lloyd
100% of all contributions go towards designated scholarship fund.
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