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    Next rodeo will be in Midland, Texas at the Horse Shoe Arena, March 30-April 1, 2018.  $25,000 added money at Midland!  LATE entries will be accepted for Midland until Monday, March 26, 2018 with $25 late fee.  The  NEW ONLINE ENTRY process is available for the Midland AJRA rodeo!  It is never to late too join!  The 2017-2018 schedule and membership forms can be found in the FORMS section of this website.  Be sure to subscribe to our newsletters!                                                                                                                                                                                        
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Membership Information

2017-2018 MEMBERSHIP:

  • The AJRA has a Family Membership Plan with the first (1st) member paying $100.00, the second (2nd) member in the same household paying $75.00, the third (3rd) member paying $50.00, the fourth (4th) member paying $25.00, with the fifth (or more) child receiving a free membership.
  • If you are new to the AJRA, you must include proof of age either by a copy of birth certificate or state-issued driver's license with your notarized membership form.
  • As voted by the AJRA Board of Directors, each membership “family unit” is required to contribute a minimum cash contribution of $100 to the AJRA through one or more of any offered AJRA fundraising opportunities, to be turned in by Graham's spring rodeo (May 5-6, 2018.)  Fundraising opportunities and forms will be made available on the website and from the rodeo secretary.
  • An AJRA Associate Membership is available for $5.00 per year. This will entitle the Associate Member to an AJRA rulebook and all correspondence.


Ages are determined as of midnight, July 31st, of the year (2018) that the points are counted toward.

Example: How old the child is on July 31, 2018 will determine what age division he/she will compete in during the 2017-2018 point season.

If you are new to the AJRA, you must include proof of age either by a copy of birth certificate or state-issued driver's license when sending in your notarized membership form.


  • 8 and Under Boys & Girls (combined)
  • 9-12 Girls
  • 9-12 Boys
  • 13-15 Girls
  • 13-15 Boys
  • 16-19 Girls
  • 16-19 Boys


  • 8 & Under: $30.00 per event, $35=Breakaway & Calf Riding
  • 9-12: $40.00 per event, $45=Breakaway & Ribbon Roping, Steer Riding
  • 13-15: $50.00 per event, $55=Breakaway & Ribbon Roping
  • 16-19: $60.00 per event, $65=Breakaway & Ribbon Roping
  • Bull Riding in both B13-15 & B16-19=$85
  • NOTE:  All roping events have been increased by $5 to cover the extra stock charge.  Also, B13-15 Tie-Down is $75 and B16-19 Tie-Down is $85.

Rodeo Performance start times:

  • Friday PM Performances--7 pm
  • Saturday AM Performances--9 am
  • Saturday PM Performances--7 pm
  • Sunday AM Performances--9 am

Please note that these times are for the regular season rodeos.  Start times during the NFR slack and rodeo performances will be stipulated in the NFR packet.


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